Art of the 1930’s

             Art in the 1930’s was another instrument used by people for entertainment. It was used to influence ideas and as a mean of communication. Art was a way of expressing one’s self. Since the Great Depression had caused economic problems as well as internal conflicts, people tried to find an escape from their sorrows and express their emotions through images. Different painters had different motives in their portraits.
            During the 193o’s art was used in many different ways to imply different ideas. Painting was a way to express one’s self through the use of colors and images. Finger painting had recently been discovered in the 1930’s. Artists use different techniques to get their messages across. There are different types of paintings such as surrealism, and abstract expressionism. Depending on the artists’ strategy of painting they choose their paints carefully. There are different types of paints to choose from such as oil paint, watercolor, charcoal and etc.
            Grant Wood was one of the famous artists of the 1930s. He went to France to study about different types of art. He was interested on the Renaissance style. He was raised in a religious house with his sister.  One of his famous artwork was “the American Gothic” in which he describes life from his perspective; life is tough to live in the Midwest. His style of paintings were impressionism and post impressionism. His famous painting was “The American Gothic” was displayed in the Art institute of Chicago. He helped his community by helping artists get through depression by teaching them new tactics of art and life. He became a great supporter of regionalism in the arts, and lectured throughout the country on art.   
            Edward Hopper was one of the great artists in the 1930s as well. He was a realist painter as well as a printmaker. He was widely known due to his expertise on oil paintings. His paintings contained personal vision of modern American life. He had always had interest in art since he was 5 years old. By his teens he learned how to work with on, charcoal, watercolor and oil. He took interest in nature and political cartoons. One of his famous works was “The Nighthawks”, which was mainly known for its details, and contained different shapes to give a unique look. Many of his paintings are not meant to be interacting which was his way of painting. He had supported art greatly in the U.S. by influencing his techniques on younger generation artists.
            In the U.S. during the 1930s many great artists had been discovered and showed their talent. Artworks were used in other ways besides painting such as influencing and propaganda. Painting styles or painting techniques were not very much different compared to the present art. The art in the 1930s were already sophisticated which led to more sophisticated artworks to the present. The artworks were mostly depressing due to the Great Depression, which was prevalent to the United States.


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